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Cupping Therapy

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What is Cupping Therapy

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What is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping is the use of a vacuum jar to cover the skin. There is a way to make the jar vacuum by using pita inside the jar before covering it on the skin. or the use of equipment to suck air out of the jar that is already covered Causing the capillaries under the skin to expand or rupture, causing red-dark patches along the edges of the jar

From a scientific point of view, cupping is a vacuum. cover to the skin area the skin Being sucked in with a vacuum glass will cause a lot of blood flow in that area. to pump blood into muscles in the area where the cup is covered capillaries expand This leads to the tissue getting more oxygenated blood, thus making the repair process more efficient. Another method of cupping that is commonly used is cupping along with glass walk. Drag along the meridian or along the muscles in various areas to stretch the muscles (Muscle) and fascia (Fascia) at the surface level (Superficial), which can reduce pain from Muscular disease group as well

Cupping therapy can help stimulate blood flow in the congested area, improving blood flow and vitality. can treat pain Especially around the shoulders, back and waist (suitable for those who work at a desk or use a computer for a long time) and in the field of beauty promotion helps the skin to look radiant and rosy after the cupping. The skin area may have dark circles. but no danger The mark will heal on its own in about 5-7 days and can be done again once the mark has healed.

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